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Cloud agnostic application portability
across distributed clouds

At Ori, we believe the next frontier of cloud will be distributed cloud.

89% of organisations already have a multi-cloud strategy, with 80% have adopted hybrid cloud – it’s become the standard approach for the modern business.

But these cloud models create challenges when it comes to the heart of your business – your applications.  As the number of applications and dependencies grows, it gets harder to manage the siloed cloud environments leaving you with ever-increasing complexity.

The focus should no longer be on individual cloud platforms, rather what sits above and between them – making applications more agile and adaptable to changing business needs.

Ori offers a better, simpler way to deploy and optimise applications no matter how many clouds there are.  Your infrastructure is “unlocked” and the requirements of having to maintain the performance, security and compliance is taken out of your hands, removing the restrictions holding back business growth.

At Ori, we are delivering a new way for business applications to operate and live in a distributed cloud world.


What's happening at Ori?

The Leadership Team

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Mahdi Yahya

Founder & CEO

Rick Taylor

Chief Technology Officer

Melissa Doré

VP Community & Partnerships

José Domingos

VP Solution Engineering

Robert Limbrey

VP Sales

Simon Canham

Finance Director

Chris Galloway

Head of Engineering

Andrew Court

VP Marketing