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Adaptive Intelligent Application Orchestration across Distributed Clouds

We believe that managing applications with abstraction and orchestration over an infinite pool of global infrastructure is more efficient and valuable than using proprietary tools of a single cloud.

Modern, cloud-native applications are the driving force behind your ability to deliver new and valuable services to your customers.  Ori Global Cloud simplifies the complexity and challenges of managing these distributed applications, ensuring your services are always there, respectful of regulations, in tune with business policy and rapidly introduced keeping you a step ahead of your competition.

Whether it’s the devices we use, the online experiences we value, or the applications that power the heart of your business, we believe that a cloud neutral, infrastructure agnostic approach to managing your applications will fast track your digital transformation and unlock your true potential for future growth.

We are London-headquartered, with our diverse team distributed remotely around the globe. We advocate inclusion and diversity in our team and our values focus on openness and agility.


What's happening at Ori?

The Leadership Team

Meet the change makers
Mahdi Yahya

Founder & CEO

Rick Taylor

Chief Technology Officer

Melissa Doré

VP Community & Partnerships

José Domingos

VP Solution Engineering

Nick Dixon

Director of Sales

Simon Canham

Finance Director

Chris Galloway

Head of Engineering

Andrew Court

VP Marketing