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Combine edge reliability and performance with cloud flexibility

Intelligently deploy your containerised applications across a global network of highly available, distributed infrastructure – delivering lightning fast performance for your users.

Seamless Performance at Scale


Easily manage the different requirements of your applications and place workloads wherever you want them with direct, low-latency access to global sites.


Deploy workloads to computing resources over multiple infrastructures, environments & locations, with cloud flexibility and enterprise speed combined.


With enterprise-grade management, you can dynamically scale & schedule services to meet application requirements as you scale with ease.


Infrastructure Agnostic

Run your workloads across any environment you need to stay confident in releasing new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Deploy your code, and we take care of orchestrating your workloads wherever they need to be.

Intelligent Over Time

With time, our platform learns user behaviours, application needs and requirements during traffic peak and off-peak times. We use this to continuously optimise workload deployments and reduce costs for our customers, making managing your application hassle-free.

Efficient Deployments

Ori Global Edge gives us the flexibility to deploy applications on the most appropriate layer deferring what’s time critical to the far edge, and what’s data storage heavy to the cloud — delivering unparalleled efficiency.

Highly Performant

An application appears in the location where it is needed. When a user makes a request, our platform determines the most suitable location for the required lowest latency and starts the application there.

Use Cases

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    Unified Edge Platform

    Streamline your on-premises deployments and leverage the edge operating model.

    Secure Global Scale

    Prevent lag and the impact of outages by monetising global infrastructure to deploy from.

    Edge for Enterprise

    Stay relevant by offering edge connectivity and cut time to market for edge offerings.