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Application Availability Anywhere in Global Distributed Infrastructure

Ori Global Edge offers a simplified, inexpensive approach to deployment and management from a single platform.


Expand Your Services Portfolio​

Join the Ori Global Edge Marketplace to reach enterprises and telcos looking to provide customers with unique services at the edge or multi-cloud environment. Availability in this community ensures rapid deployment to customers without standard deployment and testing overhead.  

Simplified Application Management

The edge is exposed to ISVs like any other public cloud. Our APIs abstract away the complexity of deploying workloads on distributed edge sites and managing the networking between them, while supporting your specific environments and requirements.

Leverage Edge Performance

Workloads on the edge enjoy the performance of on-premises deployments, coupled with low latency, data locality and high network access bandwidths. Our ISV partners leverage this performance to deliver customer specific use-cases across industry verticals.

Reach Global Markets

ISVs can leverage the Ori Global Edge to access local geographies with global reach, enabling you to unlock new markets and customers. Offer new capabilities for your costumers and uncover insights from on-premises data to bring your solutions to the global edge.

The Compute Flexibility You Crave

Offer your customers Ori Global Edge to improve the reliability and reach of your systems.

    Ready to deploy?


    Edge for Enterprise

    Streamline your on-premises deployments and leverage the edge operating model.

    Enjoy Global Scale

    Prevent lag and the impact of outages by leveraging global infrastructure to deploy from.

    The New Telco Edge

    Stay relevant by offering edge connectivity and cut time to market for edge offerings.