back to career page EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER London Looking for an awesome experienced developer
to join our team in London, UK

Ori is building the first public, on-demand multi-access edge computing platform. Based in central London, we are looking for an Experienced Developer to join a growing team of driven and talented individuals. We are looking for candidates interested in driving architecture, technology choices and sharing their experiences in a mentorship role across a multidisciplinary team in an Agile environment.

Excited by microservices? Deploying on top of Kubernetes? Writing in GO? Working in a fullstack team model? So are we! Candidates with prior experience of appropriate technologies will be given extra consideration, but all candidates with a strong grasp of core architectural and programming principles, particularly experience with similar languages (Java, C/C++, etc.) and concepts (SOA, Containerization, etc.), will be viewed favourably.

We believe that personal development is critical to a successful team willing to continue to learn about, evolve with, and engage with technology. An established per employee budget for education means we believe that even the most experienced developers will have an opportunity to expand and improve their skills.

We believe in developers, because we are developers. Productive developers have the full backing of the company and the power (and great responsibility!) that comes with it. To that end, we provide a modest budget for your choice of equipment to get the job done and the freedom to trust that you can get it done in a manner that is in the best interest(s) of the company.

  • Develop, test, deploy, and maintain services capable of delivering content, applications and services in a 5G-ready world
  • Ensure software is designed and implemented for quality, robustness, and scale
  • Support Ori and the rest of the product development team in resolving customer problems in the telecommunications market and beyond
  • Take ownership and responsibility of production-ready code
  • Ensure the completion of code development so that product releases reach general availability on time
  • Help to mentor and encourage growth of skills, knowledge and talent across teams
Must Have
  • Experience and understanding of production-ready services in a Cloud-like environment (public or private)
  • Multiple examples of architectural designs or decisions resulting in real-world implementation
  • Continued development experience; writing code, tests, and debugging issues
Bonus Experience
  • A Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other related fields
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