Ori Global Cloud

Adaptive Application Platform

Package. Deploy. Manage.

Ori Global Cloud orchestrates applications by intelligently packaging, deploying and managing them across distributed clouds.  By abstracting and hiding all the complexities of distributing applications, Ori Global cloud maximises the efficiency of your resources and investments.

How it Works

Clusters and applications are the building blocks of distributed, cloud native applications.  Bringing clusters and applications together into a single place enables us to deploy, manage and change them in line with business needs.

Ori Architecture

Bring your clusters

Clusters provide resources to run applications with multiple configurations providing different capabilities. Either onboard existing Kubernetes clusters or provision new ones with our Universal Cloud Provisioning Engine®.

Bring Your Own Cluster

Onboard existing Kubernetes clusters easily with system generated Helm charts

Clusters On Demand

Provision new clusters as required with cloud neutral configurations and Terraform

Write Once, Deploy Anywhere

Write cloud agnostic configurations once and seamlessly provision on any cloud

Cloud Neutral, Infrastructure Agnostic

Public, private, on-premise or edge clouds - Ori Global Cloud seamlessly supports them all

Ori Architecture

Package your applications

Packages define and describe your applications, what you want them to do, where individual parts must be, how they talk to each other, what resources they need to run and other information such as secrets and registries.

Simplified Complexity

Abstract and hide the complexity of underlying clusters, networking and security implementations of different clouds.

Network Routing Policies

Mandate how traffic enters, leaves and passes between applications and which applications can talk to each other.

Business Driven Policy

Describe what applications will do, where they can be located and how they should act when being deployed.

Package Once, Deploy Anywhere

Abstract and package once then seamleesy deploy to any cloud, at any time as required by your business.

Ori Cloud Zones

Deploy your Applications

Applications are intelligently mapped and deployed to clusters based on their capabilities, resources and business policies, before being securely interconnected with a dedicated, encrypted application defined network.

Policy-driven Deployment

Applications are deployed based on capability, resource and business rules such as regulation, security, scale and latency.

Application Defined Network

Once deployed a dedicated, encrypted WireGuard® network connects each application for continuous monitoring and management.

Application Isolation

Application-specific traffic routing and the WireGuard® overlay network isolates each application providing secure multi-tenancy.

Ori Cloud Zones

Manage your Applications

Applications are constantly monitored to optimise performance, react to and recover from failure with full or partial re-deployment ensuring integrity and business continuity.

Active Failover

React to failure by instantly replacing or moving applications to maximise service availability even if that means moving to another cloud.

Business Policy Change

Rapidly react to changes in business policy and easily move applications between clouds and on-premise estates.

Enhanced Capabilities

Automatically move applications to take advantage of higher performance or lower costs and always use the most appropriate resource for the task at hand.

Flexible, Adaptable Business

Autonomously spin up new resources to handle peaks, take them down again when not needed and be able to adapt to the constant demands of the business.