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The Global Edge Cloud Platform

Everything you need to manage deployments from cloud to edge. Run and manage your containerised workloads across a global network of elastic enterprise-grade infrastructure, all from a single platform.

Orchestration and Management that runs on any Infrastructure

Ori Global Edge allows developers and enterprises to dynamically deploy containerised workloads closer to users, applying intelligent management and orchestration technologies across multi-cloud, and multi-edge deployments.


Globally distributed infrastructure with centralised manageability


Fully-managed and seamless intelligent workload placement


Scale your footprint up and down on-demand with hybrid flexibility


Distributed performance with centralised manageability


Intelligent workload placement for seamless QoS


Flexible choice of deployment locations and stacks

Benefits of Ori Global Edge

Optimised Scalability

Extend and deploy low-latency applications instantly and further than before: deploy closer to end-users through a single configuration control plane and fully distributed orchestrator, eliminating the need for managing custom, complex integrations.


Edge-Native Scale →

Reduced Complexity

A secure, global network to connect everything from distributed edge to central cloud, deploying to networks through a single view, from cloud providers, telco edge to on premises hardware with a set of intuitive standard services & common protocols.

Multi-Edge for Enterprise →

Edge Transformation

Prepare your edge offering through the connect existing and future edge resources in a network agnostic platform that supports mobile, fixed & enterprise regardless of connectivity infrastructure.

Edge Platform for ISVs →

Edge Management

Navigate the complex transition to distributed edge and multi-cloud, and overcome commercial challenges in edge computing investments, access global developer communities and dramatically reduce backhaul costs.

Operating Model for Telco Edge

Flexible, Elastic and Scalable

Fast-track your move to multi-cloud and distributed edge with our enterprise-grade edge cloud platform, all while simplifying the deployment, operations and security of your applications and infrastructure. 

Provision & Manage Global Clusters

Points of Presence

Dynamic Workloads
Autoscaling & Placement

Health Monitoring & Alerts

Service Availability

Telemetry & Insights

Business Intelligence

Telco 5G Ready

Device Deployments

Auditable & 

Version Controls

Event Logs & Policies 

Security Controls

Self-Healing & Monitoring

IaM & Portfolio Management

Organisational Design

Platform Support & Community 

Edge Natives

Virtual Private Cloud

Highly Secure Domains

Support for Cloud- and Edge-Native Microservices & Functions

You focus on the business needs of your organisation, while we take care of the orchestration. High-performance, enterprise-grade security and reliability when and where you need it, whatever the workload. 

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