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Simplify Multi-Cloud Complexity

Ori Multi-Cloud provides automated workload management across multiple public cloud vendors  

Intelligent Automation

Automate cloud workload placement based on location, latency, compute and storage resources, etc

Disaster Recovery

Develop highly flexible and cost efficient mechanism to ensure service integrity and availability regardless of service interruption

Cloud Fail-Over

Automate transfer of workloads between different clouds based on costs, service interruptions, or back-up cloud offering not capable of meeting service demands

What is it?

Ori Multi-Cloud Service

  • Provides Management Orchestration Services across Multiple Public Cloud Vendors
  • Supports AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Single Point of Control from Ori Global Edge Platform UI

What is it?

As part of the Ori Global Edge Platform, the Ori Edge service provides management and orchestration services for dedicated hardware within enterprise distributed infrastructure. From on-prem to private clouds to edge locations, Ori Edge securely orchestrates workloads across enterprise data centers and private clouds regardless of location. The flexibility to manage a global distributed infrastructure from a single pane of glass maximizes existing resources while abstracting away the complexity of underlying private cloud stacks within your data centers.

How it works

Ori Multi-Cloud service makes application workload management simpler, more flexible and cheaper while giving you a new level of security.


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