Ori Sandbox Account

Gain access to our sandbox environment, tailored to your specific business requirements. Equipped with clusters and application packages that are ready-to-go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ori?

Ori is a SaaS platform that distributes applications across Kubernetes environments. Ori provides a standardised method for running applications across any environment or cloud, with enhanced application security. It facilitates seamless and secure connectivity among components, irrespective of their cloud, cluster, or environment.

Why do we request this information?

In order to provide you with the best onboarding experience, we require that you submit this short form, so we can set up your Ori account in a way that will provide you with the most value. 

What is included in my sandbox account?

With your sandbox account, you will have access to everything required to securely deploy your applications to a multi-cloud or multi-cluster environment. This includes the provision of pre-existing clusters and packages that we can tailor to your business requirements.