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Securely deploying applications in a single environment is already complex, but when multiple clusters are involved, the difficulty increases. Networking and secrets management across multiple clouds together presents several challenges, including:

  • Different networking solutions and policies for each environment, resulting in complex configurations and management overhead.

  • Ensuring secure communication between clouds while maintaining the necessary segmentation and isolation.

  • Keeping your secrets secure across multiple environments increases complexity 
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Seamlessly Secure and Connect Apps Across Clouds

Automate networking for simple and secure app delivery:

Ori builds a secure Application Defined Network (ADN) with dynamic connectivity when deploying packaged applications ensuring microsegmentation.

Secure policy-driven networking:

Declare networking policies (Layer 3/4 and L7) and the platform's orchestration engine deploys the workloads in the right locations, interconnecting them securely according to the defined policies.

Dynamic and Secure Connectivity:

Ori dynamically orchestrates network configuration to maintain connectivity and security as your application architecture changes or shifts across different infrastructures.

Network micro-segmentation at work

Reduce attack surfaces, contain breaches and isolate systems to meet regulatory requirements.

"Keeping microservices securely interconnected across various clouds, especially when they're mobile, is a significant technical hurdle. Ori solves that."

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