Multi-cloud application orchestration,

Accelerate your multi-cloud journey by easily deploying and managing applications across multiple clouds and on-prem. Minimal Kubernetes expertise required. 

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A quick, easy and simple way to orchestrate on any cloud

Here's a breakdown of what we can do for you

Secure multi-cloud networking

Secure networking across multi-cloud, connecting your applications no matter where they are. An application centric network is created every time you deploy.

Intelligent placement of your applications

Smart application placement via declarative deployments. Ori makes sure your applications are where they best meet your business needs.

Improve application uptime

Ensure maximum application uptime with constant monitoring and swift redeployment. Your applications remain operational, even in the face of failures.


Comply with regulation and customer needs

Achieve regulatory compliance, address data sovereignty laws, and cater to your customer cloud needs. Run where you need to run.

Let us deliver for you



Reduction on engineering effort on each release.



Quicker deployments, eliminating handoffs to network and platform teams. 



Reduction in time for security reviews post-deployment.

Always explicit security policy enforcement at the point of deployment.

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Built for Flexibility

As organisations and their infrastructure become more distributed, the resources and time required to keep applications adaptable, resilient and compliant has become untenable.

Ori Global Cloud sits above and between all your clouds, intelligently orchestrating applications and continuously optimises for efficiency, business continuity and outcomes.


What our customers say

“We are excited to team with Ori and bring our deep industry expertise in the communications, automotive, healthcare and aerospace sectors to address the full spectrum of enterprise requirements from private and public networking for cloud infrastructure.”

“Distributed cloud is the final piece of the puzzle for cloud adoption for Enterprises. Working with Ori’s platform will give mutual customers the ability to deploy a solution that helps cover all their environments – whether telco, hybrid, multi-cloud or edge – to meet their business needs.”

“At BT, we’re assessing the latency savings of edge computing and looking to find the opportunities, trade offs and application requirements that will drive different approaches for the edge. This lines up well with Ori’s approach to building, as we have a range of choices through our network to organise in order to deliver those future services.”

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