Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Cloud

Effortlessly provision infrastructure and deploy applications across any cloud environment in minutes. 
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Transform Your Cloud Strategy

Unlock the potential of effortless orchestration with Ori Global Cloud. Simplify multi-cloud deployments, eliminate manual ops, and step into a new era of agile and efficient cloud management.


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Unleash the Power of Your Applications

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Adaptive, Policy-Driven Orchestration

Experience the simplicity of Ori Packages to eliminate the need for constant and manual reconfiguration when re-deploying or migrating between cloud environments.


Intelligent Resilience and Recovery

Safeguard your applications through instant replacement or relocation while maintaining policy compliance with our platform's autonomous optimisation and incident response capabilities.


Optimise Performance and Efficiency

Maximise performance and minimise costs by dynamically allocating the most suitable resources for each task, ensuring your business thrives in a multi-cloud world.

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Built for Flexibility

As organisations and their infrastructure become more distributed, the resources and time required to keep applications adaptable, resilient and compliant has become untenable.

Ori Global Cloud sits above and between all your clouds, intelligently orchestrating applications and continuously optimises for efficiency, business continuity and outcomes.


Deploy your first application across any cloud today

Whether you're dipping your toes in single-cloud waters or diving deep into the multi-cloud realm. Experience the power of our comprehensive platform, designed to make your cloud journey a breeze.

Ready to get rolling? Start your free trial today and embrace the future of intelligent, streamlined deployments.

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Time to explore

Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. However, if you ever find yourself needing a little guidance, don't worry – our informative Documentation section is here to help. Enjoy seamless cloud orchestration with confidence!


What our customers say

“We are excited to team with Ori and bring our deep industry expertise in the communications, automotive, healthcare and aerospace sectors to address the full spectrum of enterprise requirements from private and public networking for cloud infrastructure.”

“Distributed cloud is the final piece of the puzzle for cloud adoption for Enterprises. Working with Ori’s platform will give mutual customers the ability to deploy a solution that helps cover all their environments – whether telco, hybrid, multi-cloud or edge – to meet their business needs.”

“At BT, we’re assessing the latency savings of edge computing and looking to find the opportunities, trade offs and application requirements that will drive different approaches for the edge. This lines up well with Ori’s approach to building, as we have a range of choices through our network to organise in order to deliver those future services.”