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End to end solutions & services tailored to support you on your cloud transformation journey. 

  • Checkmark Unlimited deployed containers & advanced networking
  • Checkmark Professional services, setup & implementation resources
  • Checkmark Dedicated support & account management

Ori gives you the power of a full DevOps team at the price of one engineer


Plans based on the scale and support you need

Whether you are a developer looking to deploy your applications in a production environment or an operations professional responsible for managing a fleet of applications, our platform allows organisations to deploy complex applications to multiple clouds within minutes, instead of months.

*How does the limit on deployed Application containers work?

In the free tier, you can have deployed at the same time up to 12 containers. We count the number of containers that are part of a package that is currently deployed. If you want to deploy more, you can contact us or stop other packages to lower the number of containers you have deployed. For more information on containers you can check our documentation.

Can I continue to deploy application containers on my Clusters if I hit the limits on OGC?

Yes, you can still deploy application containers onto your Clusters by any existing process, you will just not be able to do it through Ori.

What is included in my Free Account?

The free Platform plan includes access to all features of the Scale plan. It is just limited by the number of concurrent containers you can have deployed through Ori.  

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign-up?

No. You can sign-up and use Ori without needing to provide your credit card details.

Can I upgrade to Scale at any time?

Yes! You can carry out the work you’ve been doing in your Free Account by upgrading to our Scale plan. For more information get in contact with our team! 

Will I be locked into one cloud provider with the platform?

No, the platform is designed to avoid vendor lock-in. By using multiple cloud providers, organisations can avoid the difficulties and expenses associated with switching to another provider.

Will my computing needs be interrupted?

No. The platform helps avoid downtime and service disruptions by using multiple cloud providers. If one cloud provider experiences a service outage, the organisation can continue to use the services of another cloud provider.

Can I optimise my computing costs with this platform?

Yes, this is coming soon! The platform provides organisations with the ability to optimise their computing costs by taking advantage of different pricing models and services offered by each cloud provider.

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