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What is the multi-cloud advantage?

There are multiple benefits of leveraging multi-cloud over a rigid single cloud architecture, which notably:

  • Provides flexibility to choose the best services from different cloud providers to meet unique needs
  • Increases security and data protection by using multiple cloud providers
  • Avoids vendor lock-in by relying on multiple cloud providers, making it easier to switch between them if needed
  • Helps avoid downtime and service disruptions by using multiple cloud providers
  • Optimises computing costs by taking advantage of different pricing models and services offered by each cloud provider
  • Breaks free from the rigidity of single cloud applications and offers the benefits of multi-cloud flexibility.

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Does the platform work with my existing cloud?

Yes, the platform is designed to work with multiple cloud providers, including your existing cloud. The goal is to provide organisations with the flexibility to choose the best services from different cloud providers to meet their unique needs.

Can I switch between cloud providers through the platform?

Yes, the platform provides organizations with the ability to switch between cloud providers as their computing needs evolve. You just need to have existing cluster infrastructure in place for this.

Is my data secure with this platform?

Yes, security is a top priority for this platform. By using multiple cloud providers, organisations can mitigate the risks associated with relying on a single provider, and implement different security measures for different types of data.