Building the first public,

on-demand multi-access edge computing platform

Discovering the edge

Edge computing is bringing the power of cloud-native technologies closer to the end user. Scalable, highly available and offering unprecedented opportunities for the delivery of future services.

Enabling innovative services

New Services are more reliant on distributed networks than ever before. Network Operators are losing revenue by being excluded from OTT markets, while their infrastructure is not open for developers to innovate and use existing networks as a simple, on-demand resource.

Building a collaborative ecosystem

ORI is building the technology necessary to offer developers the first public platform that enables deployment to the edge. Network Owners will have the opportunity to onboard, offer access and balance their investments in network infrastructure.

"The prospect of what we can achieve in such a new ecosystem is the driving force behind what we are building now; even though it is still early days, I can clearly picture what the future looks like, a connected future where communication turns seamless and interaction is instinctive. A future, at The Edge."

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