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The Complete Multi-Cloud to Edge Platform

Simplify distributed enterprise infrastructure orchestration, security, and networking for multi-cloud, on-premise, and telecom edge.

A Single Control Plane

Ori Global Edge is a management and control plane enabling workload deployment over a distributed network from a single pane of glass.


Facilitate the Cloud Operating Model to the Edge

Provide robust management features common to cloud computing, but for the edge.

Scale Enterprise Orchestration to the Edge with Multi-Cloud Interoperability

Consolidate networking, security and application delivery across distributed infrastructure including multi-cloud, edge and on-premise.

Enable Application Operation across a Globally Distributed Environment

Ensure workload portability across distributed enterprise locations including on-premise, multi-cloud and the edge. 

Build Application Integration into the Ori Global Edge Platform

Customise your services for value-add capabilities for orchestration and networking from on-premise to multi-cloud to the edge. 

Stephen Spellicy
VP of Product Marketing, Service Provider & Edge


“Enterprises are looking for new ways to engage customers and deliver next-generation experiences. That means having the right application deployed where the user is.


Edge computing is the final piece of the puzzle and working with Ori Industries’ multi-access edge computing platform will give mutual customers the ability to deploy a solution that covers all their environments – whether telco, hybrid, multi-cloud or edge – to meet their business needs.”

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Edgehog Day 2021

8 December 2021 • 2 – 6pm GMT

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