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As organisations and their infrastructure become more distributed, the resources and time required to keep applications adaptable, resilient and compliant has become untenable.

Ori Global Cloud sits above and between all your clouds, intelligently orchestrating applications and continuously optimises for efficiency, business continuity and outcomes.

Trusted by the world's most innovative organisations.

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Application Resilience

With resilient applications, your services will always be available and continuously adapt to change and impacts.
Cloud and infrastructure agnostic

Unify all clouds and infrastructure and hide the complexities of proprietary implementations, networking and security.

Package once, deploy anywhere

Describe everything needed to manage applications gaining clarity of how they interact and impact systems and services.

Adaptive, self-healing applications

React immediately to points of failure with full or partial replacement maximising security, resilience and business continuity.

Committed to open source.
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Start your cloud agnostic journey today and seamlessly deploy infrastructure anywhere for fast, easy application portability.
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Application Intelligence

With intelligent applications, your business will be more agile and responsive.
Business driven outcomes

Describe what applications will do, where they must be and how they should act and conform to business policies.

Dynamic, policy driven orchestration

Deploy applications seamlessly across distributed clouds and infrastructure in tune with business policy and respect for regulation.

Autonomous optimisation and recovery

React to incidents immediately by intelligently replacing or moving applications ensuring defined policies adhered to.

Platform Documentation

Looking for our documentation?
We provide a simple, cloud agnostic way to orchestrate containerised applications over multiple clouds.  Read our documentation and deploy your first intelligent application across your distributed clouds today.

Application Performance

With performant applications, you can easily develop and deliver new revenue streams and customers.
Think distributed cloud not single cloud

Rethink the cloud operating model and reap the benefits of flexible, adaptable business driven application orchestration.

Smart, efficient application delivery

Maximise performance and minimise costs by switching to lower cost, higher performing and most appropriate resources for the task in hand.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Embrace new technologies, modernise systems and streamline processes to realise cost efficiencies and ability to innovate.